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The Still Mama Tribe Podcast

Season 2: Let's Bring In The Professionals

Season 2: Let's Bring In The Professionals: Services

Season 2. Embark |  Social Media, Trigger Warnings, and Professionals in Birth and Death space

Welcome to the first episode to embark off Season 2!
Sarah and Megan discuss social media, and sharing the news of your baby's death on that kind of medium. We also touch on Trigger Warnings, and their use on social media, in particular photos. This is a topic we could have gone on for hours about, let us know if you feel the same!
And finally, we come back to what Season 2 is all about- interviewing professional people about the birth and death industry, and the roles they play.
We hope you enjoy this wide ranging, interesting season!

Season 2. Ep 2 | Jenn Hepton - Certified Grief and Loss Coach, Event Hostess, Speaker, Healer

In this episode, we interview Jenn from Loss in Transition and Loeys Hugs. We discuss Jenn's journey to becoming a loss coach and what kind of things a mama can expect if she wants to try loss coaching. 

We discuss how society/culture reacts to stillbirth/pregnancy
losses and what we can do to build some awareness on how to manage it, and how important
it is to find support - your community. Jenn is an intuitive woman, filled with love and wisdom that she imparts in everyone around her.

Enjoy this lovely conversation!

Find Jenn:
Loss in Transition

Episode 2 sponsored by Kayelle Designs

Jenn Hepton - Loss in Transition
Sam Payne - The Pink Elephants Support Network

Season 2. Ep 3 |  Sam Payne - The Pink Elephants Support Network

In this episode, we interview the lovely Sam Payne, co founder of The Pink Elephants Support Network.

Sam and Gabbi started this not-for-profit charity after meeting for coffee and realising there needs to be more support for women who've experienced miscarriage. They have expanded their network to provide women, partners, hospitals and doctors with information about miscarriage, in the form of stunning pamphlets and information sheets.

To find out more about Pink Elephants Support Network check out the Website
or get in touch on Instagram / Facebook

Episode 3 sponsored by Aila and Lior

Season 2. Ep 4 | Grace Miano - Nutritionist, Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and trained doula

In this episode we interview the knowledgeable, beautiful Grace. It is clear she is so very passionate about women's health, especially loss mamas. 

Having experienced fertility issues and 3 miscarriages herself, she now works with women who wish to heal after miscarriage, become pregnant and stay pregnant, and prepare for birth and new motherhood.

We take a deep dive into nutrition, blood test results, self care and practical tips for our listeners to implement at home to help the body heal after baby loss. There's so many gems in this one!

Her new 4-week online support package, 'Healing with Grace: Pregnancy After Loss', supports women once they become pregnant following the loss of a baby; with a focus on keeping stress and anxiety under control, a positive mindset, and keeping mum and baby healthy to the end of pregnancy; using food and supplement expertise, lifestyle advice, tailor-made guided meditations and yoga flows, and many more resources specific to healthy mind and body during pregnancy after loss.

Episode 4 sponsored by Thyme to Nurture

Goodness Gracious Health
Sarah Jade and Aksel Jude

Season 2. Celebrating a Memorial Birthday |

Today we bring you a special episode, in the lead up for Sarah's preparation to Aksel's 1st Birthday.

As loss mamas, we know this time can be difficult, lonely triggering and sad to face without having your baby and the life you imagined at this especially at during this time.

Sarah and Megan asked our Instagram Tribe what kinds of things YOU do to remember, connect with and honour your baby on their birthday.

We wish all of our listeners love and support through your baby/babies birthdays and the lead up.

Sarah & Megan xx

Bonus Episode sponsored by Bare Laser and Skin

Season 2. Ep 5 | Lacey Barratt - Multi Award Winning Birth Photographer, Artist, Doula

In this episode, we interview the incredible Lacey Barratt.

This is a wide ranging conversation not only about birth photography, but professionals operating from a place of humanity by using specific language, and paradigms to shift how we treat mamas, partners and families who experience birth and death in the same space. 

We also discuss the importance of, and tips for involving the partner in the birthing and photography process.

The episode wraps up with a passionate coversation about social media and trigger warnings. 

Lacey is a world changer and a beautiful human. Enjoy!

Find Lacey at
Lacey Barratt

Episode 5 sponsored by Bouncing back from Birth

Lacey Barratt Photography
Pam Wakefield - Beyond the Silence

Season 2. Ep 6 | Pam Wakefield - (ex) Sonographer, Registered Arts Therapist, Counsellor

In this episode, we interview the lovely Pam Wakefield.

We have a conversation about Pam's career that started as a sonographer, and how that inspired her to move into the loss space to provide healing for mamas and families.
Pam has created 'Beyond The Silence' which is an Arts Therapy Program for loss mamas. 

We discuss how sonographers can engage in the process of delivering the terrible news of a baby's death, the difficulties and joys of being a health professional.
We discuss some of the many benefits of arts therapy, and some practical things you can try at home. 

Pam is a beautiful person, who has the most compassionate spirit. Enjoy this wide ranging conversation.

Find Pam
Beyond the Silence

Episode 6 sponsored by Memories of an Angel

Listen to the Episode
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