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The Still Mama Tribe

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About The Still Mama Tribe

Who We Are

The Still Mama Tribe is founded by Sarah and Megan, two loss mamas who have made it their mission to change the way that society deals with and talks about baby loss.

The Still Mama Tribe is made up of our audience, and every woman and family who knows the pain of losing a baby. 

We have a podcast, which is our platform to tell the stories of ourselves and countless others. We are here with open arms, to welcome those whose arms are empty. 

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The Still Mama Tribe Founders

Introducing Sarah and Megan


Sarah Matheson

Sarah Matheson is the mother of two boys. 
Arthur is a 4 years old and Aksel Jude was born still due to severe brain malformations and growth issues. 

Sarah is a dedicated speaker and writer about grief, loss, parenting after loss and how to move through life when you have lost your most wanted child. 

Suffering from major birth trauma with Arthur back in 2014, her journey into motherhood has been that of extreme challenge. 

Sarah is working on a project called Still Morning which is a dedicated retreat/workshops for bereaved parents. 

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Megan Osborne

Megan Osborne is the mother of two babies, lost to miscarriage. Their names are Aila and Lior.

Out of the tragedy of loss, Megan created a brand and developed a set of declaration cards to bring healing to mamas and families who have lost a baby.

Megan is a writer, facilitator and healer. Her favourite topics include the feminine, harmony, grief, baby loss, and connection. 

Megan is passionate about healing the mind, body and soul and the many forms that takes.

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About the Podcast

The Still Mama Tribe is a seasonal podcast and social movement. We share stories of baby loss. Whether through miscarriage, still birth, termination for medical reasons or neonatal death. There is no judgement in this space, and we believe every story deserves to be told.

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